Known around the Ponsonby area for our first-rate support of local people who start, build and sustain rewarding businesses.

What sets us apart from ordinary accountants?
  1. A relaxed, professional relationship with an accessible, local accountant - phone, text or email whenever business demands it, and a regular Ponsonby coffee catch-up when it suits you! At O'Connor CA your work is not farmed out to sub-contractors around the country or overseas, as per the growing trend. You will be dealing directly with the accountant preparing your accounts.
  2. At O'Connor CA we embrace cloud accounting. We encourage you to use cloud accounting software and we work online, directly in your file, in real time, for optimal efficiency. That means you can ask us for help or training with your software, or for advice with tricky transactions. We show you how to gain back hours of precious time and uncover cost savings.
  3. Do you find dealing with IRD a bit daunting? At O'Connor CA we like to take that weight off your shoulders so that you can get on with business. We are your tax agent, and will file all income returns on your behalf, and even do your payroll, PAYE & GST if that's what you want. We can negotiate arrangements with IRD, arrange tax pooling, and provide extension of time for income filing and end of year tax payment.
  4. O'Connor CA clients expect and appreciate quality. That's why we are a member of Chartered Accountants Australia & NZ (CAANZ), the premier trans-Tasman regulatory accounting body, and are subject to rigorous continuing professional development & ethics requirements to maintain our practising certificate.

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